T-REX – Restoring Range of Motion Overview

Quality of life… we all want good health but sometimes injuries and repairs to the knee or shoulder can greatly diminish that quality of life. We take for granted how often we use these critical parts of our body until they don’t work to their fullest potential.


T-REX Restores Your Range of Motion

T-REX was designed to restore that lost range of movement for patients that could be experiencing:

  • Joint Replacement
  • Shoulder Repair
  • Arthrofibrosis- Stiff Knee
  • Adhesive Capsulitus – Frozen Shoulder
  • Limited Range of Motion

T-REX is Your Solution

T-REX solves many problems encountered by patients and therapists:

  • Flexibility– T-REX can be used at home
  • Fear– T-REX gives the patient more control, and less anxiety
  • Limited therapist availability – Use T-REX anytime
  • Accuracy– Progress is electronically reported*
  • Inconsistency– T-REX is a machine. It delivers therapy the same exact way every time.

*Coming 2018