T-REX Restores Range of Motion in Less Time and with Better Results.

To successfully break down and elongate the scar-tissue which impedes a patient’s Range of Motion, a process called “plastic deformation” must take place. T-REX works to breaks down scar tissue and elongate it.

With repeated high intensity stretches, T-REX knee and shoulder units get results and break down scar tissue. T-REX does this by emulating the high intensity stretching applied by physical therapists.

T-REX is THE Home-Based Solution for Your Range of Motion

Less Fear, More Progress

Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Nurse Case Managers and Adjusters find high compliance rates with T-REX. That’s because T-REX gives more control to the patient with it’s incremental user controls. When patients have more control over their therapy, there is less fear and more measurable progress toward rehabilitation.

T-REX- The “On Demand” Physical Therapist

Use T-REX in the convenience of your own home in conjunction with visits to your physical therapist and treating clinician. Stiff knees and frozen shoulders are effectively treated and help patients potentially avoid corrective surgical procedures. With repeated high intensity stretches, T-REX emulates the forces applied by a physical therapist.

SmartRehab Technology

T-REX is not only precise, it’s smart. T-REX units will be equipped with USB, Bluetooth and WiFi technology that exchanges information through a HIPAA compliant web portal. Every measurable use of the T-REX SmartRehab machine during patients therapy sessions are logged for review and documenting progress.

*Coming 2018*


T-REX Knee Rehab System is an adjunct “home based” physical therapy device to help patients suffering from arthrofibrosis of the knee, known as “stiff knee”.

T-REX Orbit

T-REX Shoulder Rehab System is an adjunct “home based” physical therapy device to help patients suffering from adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, also known as “frozen shoulder”.


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T-REX Total Range EXerciser is taking physical therapy for knee and shoulder to a whole new level. Contact us to find a distributor in your area and experience for yourself the benefits to your practice and your patients.