T-REX Restores Range of Motion in Less Time and with Better Results.

When you sustain an injury to a major joint, that injury can truly diminish your quality of life. With T-Rex, you can restore your range of motion and get back to doing what you love faster! T-Rex works by emulating the high intensity stretching applied by physical therapists. This stretching elongates and breaks down scar tissue, allowing for a greater range of motion to be achieved in a shorter amount of time.

T-Rex is delivered and set up in patients’ home by a trained technician
T-Rex can be anatomically fitted to all sizes
T-Rex monitors patient progress and compliance
T-Rex is simple to use and patient operated
T-Rex has stop guards and pain scales to keep patients safe

Smart Technology


T-REX is now available with a Smart tablet allowing for all sorts of new capabilities.

Our Smart Technology helps improve transparency and compliance through remote monitoring and gives physicians the option to video chat with their patients. Did we mention that we are also HIPAA compliant?

Money Back Guarantee


T-REX units come with a 100% money back guarantee. If patient is fitted with and uses  a T-REX device as instructedfor the initial 60 day period following surgery then T-REX Rehab provides a 100% money back guarantee policy should that patient require a manipulation within one year of the initial T-REX treatment. Moreover, following the manipulation procedure, T-REX Rehab will also place a T-REX unit on the patient for a period of 30 days at no cost.

Find A Distributor

T-Rex is taking physical therapy for knee and shoulder to a whole new level. Contact us to find a distributor in your area and experience for yourself the benefits to your practice and your patients