T-REX Arc for Knee

T-REX Restores Range of Motion in Less Time and with Greater Results

The T-REX Knee Rehab device is designed with a dual-actuator system that allows patients to engage in the same range of motion and strength training exercises, and with the same resistance-load as a physical therapist. Our patented design helps achieve “plastic deformation” of the scar tissue, reducing the likelihood of arthrofibrosis, or stiff knee. Below are just some of the motions and strength training exercises that can be performed from just one machine, all from the comfort of a patient’s home.

Range of Motion Movements & Strength Training Exercises:

Knee Flexion
Knee Extension
Resistance Strength Training: Isometric, Concentric, Eccentric
PNF Stretching Exercises: Hold-Relax, Contract-Relax, Hold-Relax-Contract

T-REX Arc for Knee

  • T-REX Knee Rehab System is an adjunct “home based” physical therapy device to help patients suffering from arthrofibrosis of the knee, known as “stiff knee.”
  • T-REX Knee Exerciser allows up to: 120-degrees of Flexion and -10 degrees of Hyper-Extension
  • Variable pre-set limits may be set so patients do not exceed instructed ROM limits during any session.*
  • BOTH flexion and extension therapy may be achieved by patient from a variety of “planes” and even provides a bi-directional flexion of knee feature to help patient achieve best flexion results.
  • The T-REX design allows patient to obtain flexion without the need of “pushing from the foot,” therefore avoiding potential concerns with “tibial translation” and “outward bending of the knee.”

*Coming 2018


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